About Us

We commit ourselves to produce inspired products firstly through healthy partnership, and secondly through media grounded in that foundation of healthy partnership.
Jackson-Cor Team Commitment
The story of relationship heartens us through film and art

Steve Jackson believes in the power of relationship and authenticity to inspire positive change in the world. Through media production, he has seen art become the vessel for such potential change. His belief and experience  energizes his work.

A company legacy of heart and love

His commitment to all partners, therefore, is to practice authentic relationship as a filmmaker, artist, and partner.

This commitment will ensure a company with a legacy of heart and love.

The most important role: husband and father

Ricardo Calderon is an entrepreneur, creative, youth/community engagement specialist, and among many other roles, the most important to him: husband and father.

To create space for people to grow and heal

As a first-generation Latino-American, inspired and grounded by the immigrant experience, Ricardo aims to partner with leaders, creators, thinkers, healers, and other community members who seek to create space for people, including themselves, to grow and heal.

In 2015, Ricardo and Steve met as community organizers in the Philadelphia area. Their work intersected in the areas of community building, social justice, and storytelling. With time and intentional care, the brotherhood has evolved to translate those commitments into healthy business partnerships, a deep sensitivity and representation of equity in film, and ultimately impactful work. It's an honor to continue working towards those goals and doing good work to contribute to a culture of compassion.
Team History

What Our Clients Say

Excellence at its best! This dynamic visionary duo produced a film for us that beautifully articulated our mission and message with grace and professionalism.

Tash Rayon

Every Jackson-Cor project embodies not only their creative genius, but also the spirit of their heart and soul. Their work is a catalyst for change in the movement of healing. They ignite!

Tanya Ryder, M.Ed

The team at Jackson-Cor has a unique way of transforming vision into reality. And they will help you move your cause or your company, to a place where you know, it should have been all along.

Jeff Cartwright

I have worked with Jackson-Cor for over 3 years and I’m always moved by their commitment to helping others to find themselves and be their best. Their work is built on truth, honesty, and discovery for all.

Gil Hanson

The Jackson-Cor team is one of the fastest and most reliable production teams I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with!

Josh Mallory