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#JustMoney Trailer

Hello Jackson-Cor family! This Summer we've been pouring into the world of MONEY, and it's time we share out! We went looking to answer the big questions from as many angles as possible about how to find personal and collective financial freedom. We did this in preparation for a Fall release of our mini-Documentary called #JustMoney.
Check out the project, share with your networks, and pull up a seat because we have much more to come.

#justmoney pt. 4

Jackson-Cor is committed to sharing stories that unite and help us find ourselves in others. Here's a 1st generation young man's story of America, financial literacy, and his hunger to achieve! He speaks of the importance of mindset and truth to reaching your dreams. Can you hear your story in his?

#JustMoney pt. 2

We all have relationships with money, the question is are they healthy relationships? Check this #JustMoney segment out and learn more about health money relationships. #PullUp #ASeatAtTheTable

#justmoney pt. 1

For Part 1 of the #JustMoney series, we sat down with Tracy Jones (Founder and Director of the T. Alexander Foundation) to talk financial literacy, economic justice, and his work in athletics. #PullUp #ASeatAtTheTable and join the conversation.

"These videos inspire me to be my best self, and my best self won't rest until I'm #ALLin for my family and my community."
George Walley-sephes



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